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Upcoming Dates & Events

14 Dec

Here are some upcoming happenings around the Vision 16 community:

  1. Finals are in full swing!  Students are in the middle being punished by higher education via rigorous tests that determine their academic fates.  Pray for them!
  2. Christmas Break, Dec. 17-Jan 2.  Houses will be closed from the 18th til the 1st.
  3. Family Dinners, Jan 6.  All of the students will be broken into small groups and eating dinner at families homes in and around Seattle.  If you’d like to host a group of students, please email me:
  4. Winter Gathering, Jan 7.  Students will be gathering for fellowship, music, a speaker, and discussion.

I hope everyone is enjoying a season full of friends, family and reflection upon the gifts of birth, life, and love.


Understanding Homelessness

7 Sep

Hopefully none of you read the title of this post and thought “Looks like I’m off the hook!  No need to read this one.”  Even those of us who have wrestled with the topic, those of us who have looked into the eyes of a person on the street and had all of our theories and judgments melted into a puddle of complexity and questions, still struggle with how to love people in this kind of need.

This blog entry certainly will not be an attempt at answering questions or even ask new ones.  It is simply an appeal from one confused friend to another.  It’s an appeal to learn more, to ask questions, and to not look away.

A great way to engage and to learn more is by attending a seminar that the Union Gospel Mission is offering on September 27.  It will be a three hour evening session to learn more surrounding the issues of homeless, as well as practical tips for how you can be involved in your daily life.

Who: You! and anyone else interested.

When: 6-9pm, September 27

Where: Blu Cafe in Shoreline

Why: To relieve fear surrounded with those different then us and provide some tools for engaging people who are experiencing homelessness. A successful course would end in stronger church engagement of their community.

Important Dates

12 Aug

Here are some upcoming dates that you’ll want to mark on your calendar:


Facilitator Retreat:  Sept 18-20

Returner Move-in:  Sept. 21, starting at 10 am

New Student Move-in:  Sept 22, starting at 10 am

New Parent Orientation:  Sept 22, 5:30 pm

Fall Gathering:  Sept 23, 5:30 pm – Sept 24, 1:00 pm


The Winter and Spring  gatherings and currently scheduled for Jan 6-7 and March 30-31, respectively.

In Their Words: Josh Allison

9 Aug

Welcome to part one of what will be a regular feature of the Vision 16 blog: “In Their Own Words.”  This series will be a way to hear from students rather than simply about them.  We’d be missing out to not hear from these bright, passionate, forward thinking young men and women; they aren’t simply the leaders of tomorrow, they are starting today.  They are leading by the way they shape culture, the way they spend their time and money, and the way they prioritize their lives.

Leading off is the recently married Josh Allison.  Josh lived in the Ave House for the past two years, is a passionate entrepreneur, lover of Jesus, and just Saturday exchanged 50 stinky, messy roommates for one much better looking and acting girl: Joanna.  Josh offers the following reflection and admonishment about the Malibu Leadership Weekend he attended last September:

The Malibu Leadership Weekend was one of the best experiences of my season in college so far.  A unique geographical setting makes for a refreshing change, and getting away from lots of technology and noise creates prime conditions for slowing down and spending quality time with new and old friends.  And let’s not forget the people you meet during this weekend – they’re world class leaders who love Jesus and desire to build friendships with rising leaders from younger generations.  Case in point, this is where Luke French and I first met governor David Beasley; several months later, we were spending our spring break riding ATVs on his farm, and sharing conversations with him and the former communist Prime Minister of Ethiopia.  In summary, go to it.

Thanks Josh.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Malibu Leadership Weekend taking place this upcoming Labor Day weekend, visit Washington Student Leadership’s website. It is a great weekend for people of all ages.  The goal is intergenerational leadership and relationship in the name of Jesus.  Don’t miss it!

Freedom From Negative Body Image, TONIGHT!

17 May

Hey Ladies, this one is for you (sorry fellas!).

Tonight, Calvin Lounge (UPC) @ 7pm.  You won’t want to miss it!  Click HERE for more info.

The Complexity of Food

3 May

Food is something that we all interact with on a daily basis; yet for something as basic and fundamental to our existence as  our relationship with food, it is incredibly complex.  The way we choose to eat and view food speaks volumes to how we view ourselves and our bodies, as well as how we interact with God.  The bible is chocked full of stories of God relating to His people through food:  his provision of manna and quail in the wilderness, the gift of food in the Garden of Eden, not to mention the litany of Jesus’ parables painted with an agricultural backdrop.  Our understanding of food and how we interact with it are not simply physical; they are incredibly spiritual and are intimately related to our identities.

It may be no surprise that our view of food can quickly become twisted, and when twisted, the way we see ourselves and our bodies is quickly compromised as well.  I’m in the middle of a book that has opened my eyes to the difficulties of a warped view of food and self, and it highlights how a twisted understanding can look very similar to being in an unhealthy and abusive relationship.

So what are we to do?

Julie Church (a registered dietitian and effective communicator) will be giving a seminar entitled “Intuitive Eating: Freedom from Dieting and Hating Your Body,”  next Tuesday, May 10, 7pm @ Geneva Hall (UPC); it will be a great place to receive solid teaching about how to understand food and our bodies.  Check out the Facebook event page: Intuitive Eating.  The event is for women only; but guys, don’t think that you’re off the hook when it comes to interacting with food!