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The New 17th ave House Presidents

11 Sep

Michael Stead

Michael Stead

Hometown: Sammamish,WA

Major: Mechanical Engineering

What excites you most about being House President: I absolutely love each and every guy in the house. I am so amped to help provide opportunities for these guys to grow and mature into solid men of God and watch the development  that is bound to happen. Going into my fourth year in the house, I have been blessed by the intergenerational community of believers around me that have poured into my life and modeled for me how to lead. I now hope that  I can depict the best of these attributes to the the guys and girls around me and illustrate how much I care about them and their lives going forward. Ryker and I’s goal for the house is to have the guys be continuously engaged and active in the community around them and remind them that their life is not “all about them”. I also strive to empower guys to pursue their passions and make the house an avenue for these goals. Lastly, I am excited to be stretched and learn from this awesome opportunity and strengthen my love for the lord and for the people around me.

Leadership in one word: Selflessness

Favorite Book: Ender’s Game

Celebrity Crush: missy peregrym

Ryker Young

Ryker Young

Hometown:  Woodway, WA

Major: Business Administration – Entrepreneurship and Information Systems

What excites you most about being House President: I am excited to be House President with Michael because we get to lead and encourage our brothers in Christ. We have a unique opportunity to integrate 28 new guys into the community while maintaining the traditions of brotherhood and discipleship set before us. I am proud to call myself an Ave Guy and am looking forward to the year ahead. 

Leadership in one word: Enabling others

Favorite book: Tuesdays with Morrie

Celebrity Crush: Kristi B. 



The New North House President

11 Sep

Taylor Naber

Tayler Naber

Hometown: I lived outside of Spokane, Washington for the seven years leading up to college, but it has become less of my hometown since my family moved back to this side of the state last summer. 

Major: : Biology and Public Health 

What excites you most about being House President: I have received so much from this community–as a freshman, moving in and not really knowing where I belonged it was the best place I could be. And now, I am excited about giving back, contributing with my ideas and of how I think the community would best serve its purpose.

Leadership in one word: Service

Favorite Book: I like all books; Wild by Cheryl Strayed,The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Celebrity Crush: David Beckham


The New South House President

11 Sep

Rachel Forrey

Rachel Forrey

Hometown: Burien, WA

Major: Communications and Minor in Nutrition

What excites you most about being House President:  I am so blessed and excited to be a Women’s House President for next year! The last two years in Vision 16 have been the best few years of my life so far. I have made some of the strongest friendships, while also growing in my relationship with the Lord. As president of the South House, I am excited to lead a house centered on loving others through Jesus. I cannot wait to lead a house of women that are excited about their faith and want to pour into this community. Living in Vision 16 is such a great opportunity to grow, while also having a solid foundation to come home to. This next year is going to be full of good times and laughter and I cannot wait! 

Leadership in one word: Dependable

Favorite Book: Love Does By Bob Goff

Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum


The New Trio President

11 Sep

Lexie Grindstaff

Lexie Grindstaff

Hometown: I grew up in Longview, WA, located 2 1/2 hours south of Seattle. 

Major: I am majoring in Business Administration with a focus on marketing.

What excites you most about being House President:  This upcoming school year, half of the Tree House is going to be made up of new faces! I am most excited to see how God is going to bring girls together and mold our house this year. There is so much potential for the Vision 16 community, and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us all! With my president position I plan to use my gifts and give back to this community that has blessed me so greatly!

Leadership in one word: Commitment

Favorite Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Celebrity Crush: A year ago, everyone knew my celebrity crush was Justin Bieber. As time has passed and I’ve matured, I think most people would be glad to know I’m now crushin’ on Tim Tebow.


New on Staff: Karianne Gwinn

26 Aug

It is with great excitement that we announce our new Women’s Coordinator, Karianne Gwinn.  Vision 16 is so thrilled to have her with us this year and below you can get to know her a bit, in her own words.

V16 Women's Coordinator - K. Gwinn

My name is Karianne Gwinn.  I am a San Diego native that has fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest (who knew?!).  During my first year out of high school, I attended Covenant Bible College in Ecuador with forty other North American students.  That year I really started to love living in community and developed a passion for life together and learning to love each other well.  After Ecuador, I attended and graduated from Seattle Pacific University where I studied communication and music.  During my last two years at SPU, I lived in Vision 16’s Tree House.  After I graduated, I moved back to San Diego to work as the Children’s Program Coordinator at a non-profit that serves victims of domestic violence and child abuse.  When the funding for my position didn’t come through, I took the opportunity to move back to the city that I had been missing and the community that had become so important to me.  So I packed my car, hit the 5 and here I am.  Some of my hobbies include making jewelry, singing, teaching and practicing yoga, and spending time with friends.  This year I am most looking forward to spending one on one time with the amazing women that live in the Vision 16 community as they continue to grow into their truest selves, develop their gifts, and seek Jesus all the while.

Understanding Homelessness

7 Sep

Hopefully none of you read the title of this post and thought “Looks like I’m off the hook!  No need to read this one.”  Even those of us who have wrestled with the topic, those of us who have looked into the eyes of a person on the street and had all of our theories and judgments melted into a puddle of complexity and questions, still struggle with how to love people in this kind of need.

This blog entry certainly will not be an attempt at answering questions or even ask new ones.  It is simply an appeal from one confused friend to another.  It’s an appeal to learn more, to ask questions, and to not look away.

A great way to engage and to learn more is by attending a seminar that the Union Gospel Mission is offering on September 27.  It will be a three hour evening session to learn more surrounding the issues of homeless, as well as practical tips for how you can be involved in your daily life.

Who: You! and anyone else interested.

When: 6-9pm, September 27

Where: Blu Cafe in Shoreline

Why: To relieve fear surrounded with those different then us and provide some tools for engaging people who are experiencing homelessness. A successful course would end in stronger church engagement of their community.

Humanity’s Common Longing: Connection.

2 Aug

One of the most basic and common traits of humanity is that we all desire connection with one another.  We desire to be in relationship and to find some sort of fulfillment therein.  People want to be known and loved both because of, and in spite of, what is found.  I’m sure it’s not news to you that many barriers  prevent these connections from forming:  inconvenience, fear, and insecurity, just to name a few.  We are designed for connection and relationship, and cannot survive without it.  Babies who receive all of the basic needs (food, water, shelter) but lack love and social interaction do not properly develop.  At our most basic level, we need relationship for survival.

So if we need and desire real and deep connections with others, why can it be so difficult?  Why do we turn to false forms of connection (dare I mention Facebook?) rather than the grittiness of real relationship, relationship that requires intentionality, frustration and joy, among other things?  Why do we numb ourselves with shopping, pornography, drugs/alcohol, or even something as seemingly innocuous as productivity instead of diving into real relationships?

I recently watched this 20 minute TED talk on the subject of human connection from a research standpoint and was blown away by what I heard.  Those who live “whole-heartedly,” those that are connected and experience life’s full range of experience and relationship all practice and see the need for vulnerability.  That’s the keystone.  It’s what holds the whole thing together.  They don’t say that vulnerability is particularly fun or enjoyable, nor do they say that it’s awful or detestable; they simply say that it is absolutely necessary for connection.  Check out the video:

Relationship and connection are the way that we are refined and become the people we were created to be, and vulnerability is needed to experience the fullness of connection with each other.  What do we have to risk by being vulnerable?  Actually, quite a bit: we will probably feel rejected, inadequate, and…well…vulnerable.  But the alternative is bleak: isolation, loneliness, and a pared down experience of what God has called “good.”  I take great comfort in knowing that I have nothing to hide, at least not from God.  In the desert Hagar cried out to “the God who sees me.”  If God sees us, who are we hiding from?  Each other, I suppose.  I’m no advocate for walking around vomiting your deepest secrets on everyone you come across, but we must have people in our lives that we can unload that stuff onto and dialogue with.  This is the road to full life, and I believe it is the path to redemption.

Let’s practice vulnerability, even when it hurts and is uncomfortable.