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Mom’s Breakfast

18 Feb

This past month of January featured Vision 16’s first Mother & Son breakfast.  The guys at the 17th ave house asked their mothers to join them for breakfast and followed with a time of both affirmation and reflection.  Let’s just say there was a great deal of joyous tears from moms that felt well loved.

Below are some photos from the day.

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Beauty in all Things

11 Feb


Miroslav Volf is a well known theologian who currently works as a professor at Yale Divinity School.  A great portion of his work focuses on  issues of division in our current world — between ethnic groups, denominations and faiths as well as between the realms of spiritual and secular.  He was recently featured on The work of the People, an online ecumenical platform that produces and publishes multimedia.  Within this feature Volf is asked a series of questions, one in which focuses on the topic of beauty. The producers start the conversation off in an atypical question but Volf’s response is engaging and thoughtful, both of which lead me to great conversation with friends.

If interested and have 5 minutes to spare, you can watch the video here.


Tomorrow’s the Day

16 Sep

That’s right, students begin moving in tomorrow.  Starting at 10 am, the facilitators can begin moving into their houses.  That means it’s been crunch time for me as I check off the final tasks from my summer to-do list.

This summer the Ave House has received most of my attention.  A couple of the major improvements are new lighting on the main floor (almost every fixture was upgraded!), new carpets in the common areas upstairs, and the wood floor in the entry/Cigar Room was finished.  The house is looking great!  Here are some photos of the improvements:

The woods getting refinished. If you want to see the final product, stop by the house!

No longer will the guys be eating in the dark! We went for a traditional chandelier look, while trying to keep it manly enough.

This hallway had been very dark...things are lookin' a bit brighter now. We'll see how the track holds up against soccer balls and footballs.

This room had similarly been quite dark...there are now nearly triple the bulbs.

The old carpet was ripped, holey, thin, and well...past its prime. The second and third floor common areas are looking fantastic with the new carpet.

Don’t hesitate to stop by the house in the upcoming weeks to say hi to the guys and see the improvements.  Also, the Vision 16 blog will be going through some changes in the upcoming month.  Be on the lookout!

In Their Words: Josh Allison

9 Aug

Welcome to part one of what will be a regular feature of the Vision 16 blog: “In Their Own Words.”  This series will be a way to hear from students rather than simply about them.  We’d be missing out to not hear from these bright, passionate, forward thinking young men and women; they aren’t simply the leaders of tomorrow, they are starting today.  They are leading by the way they shape culture, the way they spend their time and money, and the way they prioritize their lives.

Leading off is the recently married Josh Allison.  Josh lived in the Ave House for the past two years, is a passionate entrepreneur, lover of Jesus, and just Saturday exchanged 50 stinky, messy roommates for one much better looking and acting girl: Joanna.  Josh offers the following reflection and admonishment about the Malibu Leadership Weekend he attended last September:

The Malibu Leadership Weekend was one of the best experiences of my season in college so far.  A unique geographical setting makes for a refreshing change, and getting away from lots of technology and noise creates prime conditions for slowing down and spending quality time with new and old friends.  And let’s not forget the people you meet during this weekend – they’re world class leaders who love Jesus and desire to build friendships with rising leaders from younger generations.  Case in point, this is where Luke French and I first met governor David Beasley; several months later, we were spending our spring break riding ATVs on his farm, and sharing conversations with him and the former communist Prime Minister of Ethiopia.  In summary, go to it.

Thanks Josh.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Malibu Leadership Weekend taking place this upcoming Labor Day weekend, visit Washington Student Leadership’s website. It is a great weekend for people of all ages.  The goal is intergenerational leadership and relationship in the name of Jesus.  Don’t miss it!

What do you want?

5 Aug

It’s been around three months since I started the Vision 16 blog, and I think it’s high time that I heard a bit from you all about what it is you want to see.  Why do you stop by?  What makes you read the blog?  Give me some feedback via the poll below; and if you’re feeling verbose, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to let me know what it is you want to see on the Vision 16 blog.