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The New 17th ave House Presidents

11 Sep

Michael Stead

Michael Stead

Hometown: Sammamish,WA

Major: Mechanical Engineering

What excites you most about being House President: I absolutely love each and every guy in the house. I am so amped to help provide opportunities for these guys to grow and mature into solid men of God and watch the development  that is bound to happen. Going into my fourth year in the house, I have been blessed by the intergenerational community of believers around me that have poured into my life and modeled for me how to lead. I now hope that  I can depict the best of these attributes to the the guys and girls around me and illustrate how much I care about them and their lives going forward. Ryker and I’s goal for the house is to have the guys be continuously engaged and active in the community around them and remind them that their life is not “all about them”. I also strive to empower guys to pursue their passions and make the house an avenue for these goals. Lastly, I am excited to be stretched and learn from this awesome opportunity and strengthen my love for the lord and for the people around me.

Leadership in one word: Selflessness

Favorite Book: Ender’s Game

Celebrity Crush: missy peregrym

Ryker Young

Ryker Young

Hometown:  Woodway, WA

Major: Business Administration – Entrepreneurship and Information Systems

What excites you most about being House President: I am excited to be House President with Michael because we get to lead and encourage our brothers in Christ. We have a unique opportunity to integrate 28 new guys into the community while maintaining the traditions of brotherhood and discipleship set before us. I am proud to call myself an Ave Guy and am looking forward to the year ahead. 

Leadership in one word: Enabling others

Favorite book: Tuesdays with Morrie

Celebrity Crush: Kristi B. 



The New North House President

11 Sep

Taylor Naber

Tayler Naber

Hometown: I lived outside of Spokane, Washington for the seven years leading up to college, but it has become less of my hometown since my family moved back to this side of the state last summer. 

Major: : Biology and Public Health 

What excites you most about being House President: I have received so much from this community–as a freshman, moving in and not really knowing where I belonged it was the best place I could be. And now, I am excited about giving back, contributing with my ideas and of how I think the community would best serve its purpose.

Leadership in one word: Service

Favorite Book: I like all books; Wild by Cheryl Strayed,The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Celebrity Crush: David Beckham


The New South House President

11 Sep

Rachel Forrey

Rachel Forrey

Hometown: Burien, WA

Major: Communications and Minor in Nutrition

What excites you most about being House President:  I am so blessed and excited to be a Women’s House President for next year! The last two years in Vision 16 have been the best few years of my life so far. I have made some of the strongest friendships, while also growing in my relationship with the Lord. As president of the South House, I am excited to lead a house centered on loving others through Jesus. I cannot wait to lead a house of women that are excited about their faith and want to pour into this community. Living in Vision 16 is such a great opportunity to grow, while also having a solid foundation to come home to. This next year is going to be full of good times and laughter and I cannot wait! 

Leadership in one word: Dependable

Favorite Book: Love Does By Bob Goff

Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum


The New Trio President

11 Sep

Lexie Grindstaff

Lexie Grindstaff

Hometown: I grew up in Longview, WA, located 2 1/2 hours south of Seattle. 

Major: I am majoring in Business Administration with a focus on marketing.

What excites you most about being House President:  This upcoming school year, half of the Tree House is going to be made up of new faces! I am most excited to see how God is going to bring girls together and mold our house this year. There is so much potential for the Vision 16 community, and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us all! With my president position I plan to use my gifts and give back to this community that has blessed me so greatly!

Leadership in one word: Commitment

Favorite Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Celebrity Crush: A year ago, everyone knew my celebrity crush was Justin Bieber. As time has passed and I’ve matured, I think most people would be glad to know I’m now crushin’ on Tim Tebow.


Blog Split!

11 Oct

As previously mentioned, the blog is undergoing some changes.  There will now be two Vision 16 blogs, one that is open to the public, the other which will require logging into WordPress and my approval.  The main Vision blog (the one you are reading currently) will still be updated, but mainly with dates and basic info.  The other blog (visionsixteencommunity.wordpress.com) will have more musings, writings from students, and other entries that we don’t necessarily want to be open to the general public.

So, if you would like access to the other blog, here is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Create a WordPress username and password by clicking here.
  2. Send me an email with your username, saying you’d like to be added to the blog.
  3. Whammy!  You’re done, and you never have to think about it again.
In other news, check out the following photos from our Facilitator Retreat at Whidbey Island:

The human knot!

Nothing says retreat like a game of hearts.

The Presidents (Lauren Facchini, Luke French, Amy Grimm, Andrew Perkins, Edee O'Connor).

The 2011-12 facilitators (sans Allison Snyder & Michael Griffith) with Sarah Mazzoncini and Ryan Thomas.

Meet the New House Presidents!

6 May

The past two weeks have been full with the selection process for the new presidents, and after lots of conversations, much thinking, and certainly prayer, we’ve come to a decision!  Meet the House Presidents for next year:

Amy Grimm (Trio)–Bellevue, WA.  Interaction Design

What excites you most about being House President?  What most excites me is simply the opportunity to invest in 15 incredible women of God.  I am so grateful to be surrounded by women who are also striving to live out their walk with God and am encouraged and challenged daily by living with them.  I love that I get to laugh, talk, lead, and walk alongside them.

Leadership in one word: moreofHimlessofme

Favorite Book: This sounds like the cheesiest book (don’t judge me), but it’s called, “Let Me Be a Woman” by Elisabeth Elliott.  She is totally my hero and I must have read the book about five times this year. Ladies, this one’s for you!

Celebrity Crush: Michael Buble.  Hands down.  How can you resist the smooth voice and deep brown eyes? And he is hilarious, which I found out going to his concert. 😀

Lauren Facchini (SoHo)–Everett, WA.  Biology (Physiology)

What excites you most about being House President?  Having an opportunity to represent an amazing organization and being able to share our vision with the surrounding community, and of course, our new members next year.

Leadership in one word: Integrity

Favorite Book: “Angela’s Ashes”, by Frank McCourt

Celebrity Crush: Penn Badgley 🙂

Edee O’Connor (NoHo)–Tacoma, WA. Secondary Education, Language Arts

What excites you most about being House President?  I’m so excited for another year at the Noho and being a part of leadership in the houses. Mostly, I think being house president will allow me to really invest in a community I believe in.

Leadership in one word: Service

Favorite Book: I mean, besides the Bible? Hands down: The Phantom Tollbooth. Read it.

Celebrity Crush: Real talk, I’d have to say, Dick Van Dyke (when he was young)

Andrew Perkins (Ave House)–Bellevue, WA.  Public Heath & Pre-Med

What excites you most about being House President?  Living in this amazing house and community for one more year!  Walking with others while attempting to discern what it means to be a follower of Christ, and trying to show this through the way we live our lives.  I am incredibly excited for what the Lord has in store for Vision 16 this coming year and into the future, because it is truly a one of a kind opportunity!

Leadership in one word: Self-Sacrificing

Favorite Book: “The Hobbit,” J.R.R. Tolkien

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston (in her younger years of course!)

Luke French (Ave House)–Redmond, WA.  Mechanical Engineering

What excites you most about being House President?  What excites me about being House President is that God is using this house to do a tremendous work in the lives of the guys who live here, by sanctifying them into his Holy people. We move into this house as boys, and we leave as men of God. I can’t express in sentences how much this house has changed my life! The intimate relationships I have grown here are beyond price and beyond my vocabulary. I have one year left, and I want to give this place everything I got. One year! And then college is over for me. I want to give back as much as I can in that short amount of time.

Leadership in one word: Influence

Favorite Book: “Mere Christianity,” CS Lewis

Celebrity Crush: Well duh, its gotta be Tim Tebow! GO BRONCOS!

There they are, full of vision, passion, and anticipation for what will be a great year of service, leadership, growth, and unkown.  Come along side me in prayer for these five as they step into the role that they’ve been called to.

What Makes a Good House President?

29 Apr

Being in the thick of the selection process for next year’s House Presidents has forced a valuable question to rise to the surface:  What makes a good house president?  Is it someone’s ability to speak eloquently in front of others?  To what extent do their administrative skills factor in?  Can they effectively communicate?  Do they know the ins and outs of Vision 16?  While these are considerations, certainly, the question “What makes a good house president?” is really a nuanced version of the question “What makes a good leader?”

The world views leadership as an ascent to the top; the prevailing thought is that leaders rise to places of prominence and power, that they move further and further away from those they are leading.  Ask someone who comes to mind when they hear the word “leader,” and they’ll tell you about the head of their company, they’ll mention heads of state, or they’ll tell you about someone with a title.

We, however, have been shown a different model; Jesus has shown us a different way.  He tells us that leadership is not an ascent to places of prominence, but a descent to the role of servant: “…whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave–just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”  Even this interesting and helpful article out of the Harvard Business School about leadership misses the role of service and closeness to those being led.

Who wants to make the descent into leadership?